Epic Cash X I2P (Anonymous Network)

Epic Cash x I2P  

-The most secure transactions on Earth

Epic Cash:
Mimblewimble; fully confidential transactions with no                                addresses.
-Dandelion++; secures privacy & security by ensuring IP  addresses cannot be traced.

The Invisible Internet Project; fully encrypted private network layer on top of the internet.
Peer-to-peer; encrypted unidirectional tunnels between you and your peers.

Already Epic Cash’ privacy is strong; Mimblewimble protocol ensures that Epic Cash transactions are private by not using traditional addresses, and Dandelion++ ensures that IP addresses transacting Epic Cash cannot be found/traced. However, three-letter-government-entities enjoy unlimited power and capital, and if they allocated enough funds could crack open any coin that promises Privacy. Epic Cash is aware of this widespread vulnerability and offers a bulletproof solution to anyone who wants to wield the power that is ‘100% anonymity and control’ – Epic Cash x I2p.

You’ll need:

Epic Cash GUI wallet (download) or Epic Cash CLI wallet (download)

I2P (download)

Learn how to set up: https://t.me/EpicCash (Epic Cash telegram channel)